Black to Light Brown Hair

How to get light brown hair from black?

Is it a big deal to change black hairs into brown hair? Yes, it is a big deal if you don’t want to damage your hair while changing the color. People often forget about the safety while coloring their hair. Many famous brands provide a variety of hair colors. Most of them never share safe methods of changing the hair color. You should not take the risk of hair loss and therefore you should know how to get brown hair from black without damaging hairs.

Lighten your hair before dying

The first and very important step is lightening the hair color by using a chemical treatment. Do not get afraid because there are high-quality chemicals that lighten hair color without causing any damage. Hair color can get only two or three shades lighter. You may damage your hair if you try to further lighten the natural black color of your hair. The professionals suggest stripping the black hair before dying light brown color. Stripping can be very damaging for your hair. You can prevent the damage by following some necessary instructions.

Your hair should be in good condition before you dye

People face hair fall issues after dying their hair, mainly because they don’t wait too long. You must wait at-least for two weeks if you have recently chemically straightened your hair or permed them. Dying hair right after applying the straightening chemicals can be devastating for healthy hair. You will soon experience hair fall problem that may last for a very long time. Women always face brittle hair, split ends, and hair breakage problems if they dye their hair right after applying other hair treatment. Prevent heat styling and use a moisturizing shampoo daily before you dye the hair. These simple treatments can straighten your hair and then you can change the color.

Go for the quality

Some brands cost a very cheap price for their hair colors and some brands charge an expensive price. Although it is not necessary that a cheap product is harmful, most brands charge less because their products do not provide additional protection. You should choose high-quality product when it comes to dying hair. Do not take the risk with your healthy hair because a poor quality hair color can cause incurable damage. Your hair may get thinner due to hair loss, which will result in poor styling and unattractive looks.

The selection of the right hair color is also quite important. Your chosen shade of light brown hair color should look impressive with your skin tone. It should not create a dramatic look that you may not like to keep for a long time. Instead of coloring your hair time and again you should choose light brown hair color wisely. Get a color that can compliment your skin tone and look as natural as your black hair.

If you had used a black dye to gain natural black shade of hair, you should apply the dye remover. It will help you in gaining the natural brown hair color without using the dye. So, follow these suggestions and you will get the best results.

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